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Central Maryland Umpires are no longer accepting umpiring assignments nor accepting applications from umpires seeking assignments.

Stop back to check on our progress as we re-focus and rebuild our site.


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This site is dedicated to all of the people who devote their time and energy to make recreational youth baseball a reality but especially to those who make the calls.

We offer this site for those who are:
  • looking for umpires for their league, program or tournament
  • seeking program wide baseball training
    • Recreational Baseball Rules for program volunteers (manager, coaches players & parents)
    • Umpire Survival Training for your umpire volunteers
  • looking to develop or enhance their personal umpiring skills
  • established umpires in the Baltimore metro area
  • trying to learn some of the finer points of baseball

Mission Statement

To contribute to a greater understanding of the rules of baseball.

Maybe, one day all youth games at a site, in a league, throughout a program and all over town will be played with a uniform understanding of the rules.
We support that vision.


Whether you are just starting out or have been umpiring for years, there is always something to learn or brush up on. We all need an information source, somewhere to find answers to our questions. High school and collegiate umpire associations have regular meetings for that reason. Realistically, most recreation umpire associations find it impossible to squeeze meetings into their member’s full-time work and officiating schedule. Many volunteers do not even have any association to turn to. Our hope is to help fill that void.

We have tried to keep the site simple and user friendly. To explore the site, go back to the top of the page and click on one of the topic buttons on the left. How can we help you today? 


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