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Who We Are ...

We are the guys that wear the light blue “CM" on our caps. (Yes, yes. We "CM", we call 'em.) We are Realtors, firefighters, teachers, steel makers, computer programmers, police officers, etc. etc. etc. We are people who make our living in different vocations but share a love for the game of baseball and serve, in our spare time, officiating the game we love.

Many of our umpires are former recreational players, coaches, managers and even league or program commissioners. In other words, within our organization, we understand recreational baseball from every perspective.

We understand that recreational baseball is more than winning games. It is learning teamwork and developing the social, interpersonal and life skills that come with being a team member. Our youth need guidance on how to achieve life’s triumphs and more importantly, how to pick themselves up from the low points. For many, all of this begins at the ball yard. Team managers and coaches supply the leadership; we are the people who do our best to provide the level playing field.

We sincerely believe we are Baltimore County’s preeminent recreational umpiring group.





What We Do ...

We officiate recreation baseball programs (ages 7 through 70), throughout our service area from April through November, including:

  • Youth travel - We officiate nearly all youth (ages 9 through 15) travel baseball games in the Central Maryland service area.
  • In-house - We provide officiating for an ever growing number of recreation council in-house leagues throughout our service area.
  • Tournaments - We officiate the majority of baseball tournaments in the Central Maryland area.
  • High School - The majority of Central Maryland Umpires have officiated High School games as certified Maryland Athletic Association officials (requires passing the National Federation of State High School Associations [NFHS] examination).
  • 15/19 - We officiate high school age summer recreation leagues.

We take pride in the appreciation of our clients. One tournament director could not believe we provided complete (100%) umpiring coverage for his 150+ games, (more than 200 umpiring assignments), during his two-day tournament.

 We provide training to recreation baseball programs and individuals. Whether it be training for your program's volunteers (managers, coaches and umpires) or individuals seeking to become umpires, we can make it happen. (Because requests for information and training come in from around the world, plans are being made to expand this service).

Wouldn't it be great if all your managers and umpires had the same understanding of the playing rules? How about if the game your son (or daughter) plays tomorrow is played with the same rule interpretations as the game today? That's is a primary goal of our experienced instructor.

Mark Swiss has been involved with recreational baseball going on thirty years and has instructed program volunteers and aspiring umpires since 1987. The workshop has been fined tuned and perfected over the years and receives high praise from participants. See Summary of Available Training



Where We Do What We Do ...

We are the group that has grown from our little corner of Baltimore Country to become the most recognized umpiring association in the county.

  • You will now see us all around the Baltimore Beltway, in areas of Baltimore City and into Harford County.
  • We have built a reputation that draws requests from other bordering areas beyond our current reach.
  • We are preparing to be in a position to respond to those requests in the future.
  • Click here to view our Current Area of Operation.



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