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Discuss A Play

Do you have a play that you would like to discuss? If so, enter the specifics below and submit the form to us. I will provide a reply via e-mail as soon as I can, as time permits. (I have no idea what kind of response this will bring. If it takes awhile you know the response has been strong.)

Other than basic contact information below, you are ask whether or not you are a registered guest and whether we have your permission to post the play on the web site if we feel it is something others can learn from. The registered guest question is for information purposes only, being registered is not a requirement. If you grant permission to post the play, indicate if you would like us to us or withhold your name. I anticipate name usage to be something like "Mark Swiss, Baltimore, Md"

Play Submission Form



First Name
Last Name


Zip/Postal Code
E-mail Address *
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Describe the Play and complete game situation:                               
May we share this play by posting it on the web site?
(Name usage example is "Mark Swiss, Baltimore Md".)

Submitting the Form

Pressing the Submit the Play button below will start your e-mail program and send the information you entered to Central Maryland Umpires. The information requested is general contact information and does not need to be encrypted. It will be sent as text .

* Information will be used by Central Maryland Umpires ONLY and will NOT be given or sold to anyone else.


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