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Web Site goes Live
January 11, 2003 - The Central Maryland Umpires launch initial version (1.0) of their web site. Webmaster and fellow Central Maryland Umpire, Mark Swiss contracted iPowerWeb to provide web hosting services. We are beginning our journey and our direction will be set by those that use the site. Bon voyage.

First Meeting Held
Central Maryland Umpires had their first meeting of the season at the Hazelwood Inn on Wednesday, February 19th at 7:30pm. Attendance was hampered by the record snowfall two days earlier. Dale briefed us on our expanding client base, upcoming tournaments and the new fee structure for 2003.


Spring Workshops in Demand
Central Maryland Umpires has received increased interest in its Baseball Rules and Umpiring Workshop. We already have three recreation councils wanting to host a workshop. The word is spreading.

The going is slow. The snow and other factors have hampered baseball registrations and councils just do not have adequate counts of people to schedule training yet. Workshops will no doubt be scheduled on short notice. If you want to attend, e-mail Mark Swiss or call him at (410) 866-8508. He will keep you posted.

Search Engine hits
Central Maryland Umpires has started popping up in the major search engines like Google and Yahoo. When you go to these sights or and search on umpires maryland you will see us in the results.



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