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Hello baseball enthusiasts. There has been some great feedback about the quarterly posting of the play-a-month page, three month worth at one time. I will try to post the plays no later than the first full week of the quarter. If not, you have my permission to let the ump here about it -- fair enough? I will attempt to broadcast a reminder to all of you shortly after the posting takes place. I hope to keep you challenged with a good mix of plays including some from the chronicles of recreation ball – where anything can happen. Anyway, it should be fun.

I will post plays for 3 months each quarter. The answers, with explanations and applicable rules, will be posted on a separate answer page. The answer page link is at the bottom of the page. You are on your honor to make all the calls BEFORE consulting the answer page. All rulings are made for the Official Baseball Rules (Major League Rules) only - sorry no breakdown for NCAA or NFHS rules.

These columns contain abbreviations that may be used in the plays and answers below :

BA - Current Batter
BR - Batter/Runner

R1 - Runner who began at 1B
R2 - Runner who began at 2B
R3 - Runner who began at 3B

1B - First base bag
2B - Second base bag
3B - Third base bag

F1 - Pitcher
F2 - Catcher
F3 - First baseman
F4 - Second baseman
F5 - Third baseman
F6 - Shortstop
F7 - Left Fielder
F8 - Center Fielder
F9 - Right Fielder

It's Your Call

If you have a play, send it to .


The basis for this play comes from Howell, Michigan and deals with the actions of the fielder when a runner attempts to steal of a base.

Play 1:
With one out and a R2 on second base, R2 is stealing on the pitch. The third baseman (F5), while watching the catcher’s actions, moves toward 3rd base. He arrives and drops to one knee as the throw is arriving. R2 arrives just before the ball but is blocked from the base by the F5’s knee and calf as the F5 receives the throw and applies the tag. It’s your call.

Play 2:
With R2 on second base, a wild pitch get behind the catcher and goes o the screen. R2 advances and rounds third as the catcher retrieves and fires a ball to 3B and retires a surprised R2. After the play, you (the umpire) notice that the ball used to record the out was a practice ball and not the ball in play at the time of the pitch. It’s your call.

Play 3:
With R3 on third base and one out, the batter hits a high pop up in the infield to the third base side of the pitcher’s mound. R3 believes there are two out and crosses the plate where the on-deck hitter reminds him there is only one out. R3 retouches the plate and is running back toward 3B when the wind blown fly ball falls uncaught. F4 picks up the ball and relays to F5 who tags R3 as BR pull into second base. It’s your call.

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