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Why Umpire? (A Perspective)

Umpires are essential to baseball. What is baseball when there is no umpire? Well, it's called practice. The game is that time when all actions, along with any scores, records or accomplishments, are official. They are official because they are played in competition using the universally accepted and uniformly applied rules of baseball and are witnessed and validated by a representative of Baseball, the umpire. The umpire makes the game the special event that all ball players treasure.

So, be it ever so humble, that lopsided 18 to 1 game may not have been pretty, but all 42 outs (7 full innings), and all the actions in-between, are official. All of the pitches, hits, and plays made (including that spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime catch that your son made) may now be remembered and reminisced by players, friends and family for all time because they have been made official by the presence of an umpire.



Demand for Qualified Umpires

The demand for umpires keeps growing and keeps us in a constant search for qualified umpires.

  • If you are an experienced umpire looking for an association to call home, we can provide assignments. We generally have to turn away prospective new business each season because of the umpire shortage.
  • If you are just wondering if officiating is right for you, we can provide inexpensive training and guidance that will help you make the call.

NASO (National Association of Sports Officials) represents officials of every sport. NASO recognizes a shortage of officials in all sports and launched an international recruitment program. If you are interested in officiating other sports, check out the NASO web site at If your interest is Baseball, and you live in the Central Maryland area, check with us. If you live elsewhere, well, just enjoy our site (or consider moving).



National Association of Sports Officials Campaign Ad


Regardless of Your Level of Expertise

We want to hear from you if you are interested in umpiring and live in the Central Maryland area. We have the people and the ability to make it happen. We can evaluate your skills and help you determine at what level you should be umpiring or (for those thinking about officiating for the first time) if you should be umpiring at all -- it is not for everyone.



Experienced umpires call:

         Dale Franke, Sr.
         Director of Officiating
         (410) 391-8211

Applicants or inexperienced umpires call:

         Mark Swiss
         Director of Umpire Development
         (410) 866-8508


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