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Rules Workshop 2-DVD Set with 80-page Workbook

Whatever your goal in recreation baseball, knowing the rules is where it starts. We all come to recreation baseball with our own unique exposure to baseball, possibly even various brands of organized ball. When we take our children to their games, we need to have everyone playing by the same rule book.

The Rules Workshop provides a solid foundation of the rules you will encounter in recreational youth baseball and get you ready for whatever role you will take on, manager, coach, or umpire. To players, it provides that competitive edge.

We are producing an in-studio version of this workshop and have discontinued the DVD set recorded at a live workshop. The studio version will correct an error and the overhead projector image problems we had in recording the live workshop. However, the live version still contains plenty of helpful information. We are offering the discontinued DVD workshop at below cost to clear all inventory.

Opportunity is knocking.

In preparation for the new Studio release of the
Rules Training, we are closing out the remaining stock
of recorded workshop DVD, with workbook.

* --- While supplies last --- *



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Recreational Baseball Rules 2-DVD Set
With Rules Workbook

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