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The Most Misunderstood Rules of Baseball
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Baseball is our national pastime. We know that batters try to hit the ball and run the bases while fielders try to catch the ball and keep batters from running the bases. It seems simple enough but under this innocent guise of “hit, run, catch & throw”, there is opportunity for an unlimited combination of circumstances that form the ebb and flow of the game.

It is that ebb and flow that create situations that often have managers and umpires scratching their heads as they dig deep into the rule book.

These are the ones that are ruled differently
from Day-to-Day and Field-to-Field.

Today, we set them straight.

Which is the most misunderstood of the "Most Misunderstood?"
Here is a Preview!

The #1 Most Misunderstood - (Part 2) excerpt from DVD

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Most Misunderstood Rules of Baseball - DVD

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